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Managerial Gold

What a great tool for both managers and staff. With my busy schedule, having the staff schedules, shift notes, and more, all at my fingertips is a tremendous productivity enhancer! Thank you!!

One fix

This app makes scheduling extremely efficient and easy to manipulate on the fly. But PLEASE enable the app to post schedules more than two weeks ahead.

Good App but...

A great app to have but it would be extremely helpful to be able to see past schedules. This would help to keep track of hours rather than having to keep all clock out slips.


Every single time I open it it crashes it was fine before I updated it and its so annoying

Needs an update

This app doesnt do a single thing is says it does. It is extremely frustrating because you are not able to message co workers off the app which is the only reason I bought it off here. It shows the option to send sms, message or call but nothing happens when you click on it. It is extremely frustrating because I have not been able to contact coworkers for this reason. Not worth the money its useless until it is fixed. Not impressed.

Not worth it. Overpriced

This app is simple and as such is extremely overpriced. They are taking advantage of every employee downloading it. I recommend using the full site and not paying for this garbage. I regret purchasing.


I can not log in and I missed a shift because i do not know when I have to work !


Not everyone has the newest phone. Cant login because my phone will not update to iOS 8. Sure hope this gets fixed soon so I know when I work!


Works really well for me, easy to see schedule, swap and pick up shifts, schedule off or request extra hours, does everything I need it to, great app

Zero stars

Ive had this app for about 2 years, never had a problem with it... That was until 3 day ago or so, why are you making it iOS8 only?!? No backwards compatibility with iOS7? Try running an iphone 4,5, and 5s with iOS 8, it does not work, it kills your battery in a matter of 2-4 hours!!! Why did I pay for an app that wont allow me to use it, there are plenty of apps that support backwards compatibility. I always read my updates, and YOUR UPDATE DID NOT SPECIFY THAT IT WAS ONLY GOING TO SUPPORT iOS8!!!! Its a shame that your developers and the rest of your staff, did not thinking about this. 0 stars. And even negative -----stars because your "HELP" area doesnt work.

Waste of Money

Biggest waste of $3. Make the app free. Its very flawed in design, management often times has lots of trouble getting the schedule correct.

Slow buggy needs work

Slow and buggy. Messages sent through app need to send push alert and or the red counter of unread messages. Mandated by work or Id get rid of this


Wont let me log in at all. When I enter my login info and push "log in" on my mobile device it pops up with an ad for HotSchedules Recruit. When I exit out of the pop-up, Im back at the login screen. Repeated ad nauseum. Cant use your app for your own advertisements... thought we were playing in the big leagues here.


I havent had problems with the functionality of the app, I just get upset when I try to send a friend a message and it says, "Your message contained inappropriate language and was not sent." And then it erases it. Were all adults here. We work in restaurants. Theres not a saint among us. Dont censor me.


Glad to see Im not the only one unable to login. It was fine until yesterday. Any help on how to fix it? Deleting and reinstalling the app doesnt help!


Why when I try to login it automatically transfers me to their recruit site. I cannot see my schedule AT ALL nor can I pick up shifts. They need to make the actual schedule site and the recruitment site two separate apps.

Do not waste your money!

It does not work well at all and is much better open and view the schedule on safari and not throw money.

I paid for this and it wont let me download

Fix it!

Requests not working.

I cant make requests off work or requests to work anymore. Error 415 occurs.

Adam Rowe

Garbage. Will only try to force you to Recruit site which I guess will come in handy after getting fired because I cant check my schedule because this app is garbage.

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