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Still doesnt work

Yet another update and the app still doesnt work. Its been 6+ months now and Ive left a negative review everytime hoping that you would read it and try and do something about it. Apparently not. This is a joke.

Worked, then stopped

The app allowed me to sign in and worked well for a few months. Around the last update, my login started failing. The website still worked. After resetting my password, logins through the mobile app continue to fail. Thats silly.

Worth it.

I use this for my work schedule and I really like that it syncs with my phones calendar. There seems to be a bug that sets multiple events for my one shift. For example my 11am shift shows up as 15 different events on my calendar.

Fine I guess

Why does syncing the app to my calendar create multiple events? If Im scheduled to work 9-1 I have 3, 5, and even 10 events created for that one shift.

Mad af

This app charged my account $12.45 and its supposed to be $2.99

New idea

Love the app. For ur next update, I hope u can give us the option to see our schedule for more than 1 employer using hot schedule in 1 screen instead of having to sign out and sign back in.

Want to be able to see whos not working

Its annoying to flip back and forth to find out whos doing a lunch shift or a dinner shift. Im trying to find people who arent working to have them cover my shift - needs to be a list of "whos not working this day" list

Hate the new request updates

Go back to the old time off request format this is terrible why fix something that wasnt broken??!!!!!!!


Its a decent set up. Some improvements could be used. As a manager I am unable to read the entire reply to notes in the logbook (a must fix). It would also be nice to be able to edit staff schedules through the app and not just the website. From the website, the new logbook set up is awful and not very functional. The old version was much easier to scroll logs and replies when scanning for specific details. It also used to put log notes in order of the time the were entered. There doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason for the ordering now.

Minor adjustment

I would like to be able to see everyone who is scheduled to work on days that I do. For instance , I can only see people whose job title is the same as mine (cashier). I want to see servers, bartenders etc as well. Please fix for iPhone

Log-in impossible

As soon as I bought the app and open, it asked you to sign-in without even let you register. If you are new user, it ask you to get a sheet from your manager. What is this? I just lost $2.99!

The worst!

Not very versatile or functional. You cant view previous days schedules or the weekly schedule as a whole or see the weekly schedule with coworkers. The app constantly crashes and you have to log in separately online as its a different forum than the app. The worst employee scheduling app ever!!!

Bad Update

Idk what happened, but now I cant look at my schedule. It wont load and barely let me log in. Youd think an app that i paid for would work fine. Seriously hoping this gets fixed then Ill return to 5 stars because other than all of that this app was fantastic.

Cant open app

Cant do anything on the app anymore

Dont pay to use it - just go online

The worst app. You have to have the most recent iOS to run it, still crashes, and the browser on your phone always has difficulty loading the pages. You have to press everything twice, and trying to send messages, the text you type never shows up. Im a very savvy, smart, phone user, and this app and website make me feel like Ive never used a smart phone before. And the service isnt great either. I emailed about a problem specifically laying out my problems and got an email back talking to me like Ive never used a phone before and asking me questions I had already answered. Just awful. Dont give them any more money.

App no longer works

With the new update the app will only let me see some HS recruiting advertisement. Upon logging out the app will now not let me log back in. Horrible update.

Cant log in!!!

Ever since the new update I cant log in. It keeps taking me to some HS Recruit website which I dont want.

New update

I can not even open my app any more since the new up date. Can not even sign in to check my schedule . Really frustrated .

Convenient for employers

Not for employees.....


I actually love this app. Its really easy to work and super convenient

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